hi! I’m Peter. I work as a product manager at the Wikimedia Foundation.

There, I help build the core editing and communication experiences volunteers use to make Wikipedia accurate and exhaustive.

Reflection is a tool I depend on to process what I’m thinking, develop ideas, name what I’m noticing, and, more broadly, embody and evolve in the roles I play: collaborator, spouse, father, colleague, product manager, friend, godfather, son, brother, uncle, neighbor, soon-to-be father, etc.

In 2012, motivated to become more effective at identifying patterns in what I thought about and reacted to, I started an experiment.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, this first experiment marked the beginning of an ongoing practice of experimenting with ways to translate everyday experiences into insights and actions that align with what I think I need and value.

Until now, I’ve kept these experiments to myself. This place is a way to make what I'm learning legible enough for my future self to build on. It also serves as a reference, an anchor...a "place" I can leave from, come back to, and use to orient when I feel "far away."

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