Develop a practice of unblocking yourself.

You can think of the Ping Practice app as a pause button.

When you sense yourself resonating with or resisting something, Ping Practice invites you to name what is giving rise to that sensation.

In the Ping Practice universe, we call these “pings.”

No categorizing or sensemaking. In these tiny moments, you’re simply creating a breadcrumb for your future self.

Ping Practice treats each of these pings as standalone thoughts that you can leisurely explore and reflect on at a later time.

When you happen upon a past ping that resonates, Ping Practice meets you with tools to:

  • Bump pings you want to remember to the top

  • Reply to pings you have more to say about

  • Edit pings you’d like to refine

  • Explore the relationships between pings using a range of filters

Zooming out

Ping Practice assumes insights and ideas start in our senses and become legible to our thinking minds through reflection.

The idea was borne out of me noticing a pattern...

There were a shifting handful of intentions that felt important for me to remember in any given moment. Intentions that I was overriding because of the attraction I felt to the familiar and how afraid I was of uncertainty.

Motivated by the fear of remaining stuck in old patterns, in 2012, I started experimenting with various tools and workflows. Through 10 years of experimentation, the past 4.5 of which have overlapped with me building and designing Wikipedia's core editing and communication tools, I converged on the method the Ping Practice app is built on.

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