Method Facilitation

Facilitating people through Ping Practice.

This experiment started on 7 April 2023.

To date, I have been the main research subject on a quest to develop a practice of unblocking myself.

This experiment marks the first time other people will be experimenting with the method by using the improvised capture and revisiting workflows.

Research questions

This experiment is an effort to answer the following research questions:

  1. Does the journaling method reliably lead people to developing a practice of unblocking themselves?

  2. How might the method, and the way it's communicated, be improved to more effectively meet people where they currently are?

Impact & Conclusions

Conclusions will be documented once experiment concludes.

Experiment Design

What follows is an outline of how this initial experiment is being structured.

The initial cohort of experimenters included 13 people, five of which were familiar with, and in some cases, contributing to this project prior to the experiment beginning.

Everyone, regardless of how familiar they were with this project, has been doing the following:

  1. Using Twitter or Todoist to name moments when they notice themselves stuck and/or moved

  2. Using Airtable to revisit the what they are naming

  3. Meeting with 3-4 times (weekly) to reflect on what they're noticing through completing the quests that accompany each week.

Each phase of the experiment is meant to guide people through, what I currently understand to be, the four key moments of the method:

  1. Name moments when you notice yourself stuck or moved

  2. Revisit what you've named to explore and elaborate on what speaks to you

  3. Create memorable cues (broadly defined) your future self can call on to unblock yourself

  4. Make self-supporting choices

To provide some orientation as experimenters go about doing the above, each person has sketched out a few outcomes they would feel energized about realizing by the end of the week experiment.

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